Japanese Vocabulary

Basic commands you will hear at every training session:

 Rei  Palms together to salute
 Naore  Bring your hands down
 Onegaishimasu  Please (say it clearly, look your partner in the eyes). Said
when starting something.
 Thank you for teaching me/ working with me (say it clearly too, look your partner in the eyes). Said when you have finished something.
 Hajime  Begin!
 Yame  Stop! (You must obey this command instantly as it may be for
your safety)
 Shinkokyu  Deep breath
 Kiai  Loud, snappy and brief Shout upon strike with fist or foot.
(Usually voiced as “Ai!”)
 Seiretsu  Line up! Command issued by sensei / an instructor facing the
class. Shugo! is said right after.
 Shugo  Assemble! Command given by the kenshi at the front row on
the right, when facing the mirror.
 Kiritsu  Stand up
 Kamae  Take stance
 Zentenkan  Turn around 180 degrees : either to face a training partner, or at the end to salute your sensei.
 Sensei ni rei  Palms together and salute your sensei. As soon as your
palms are in front of your face, say: Arigato Gazaimashita!
 Chakuza  Sit down. Unless told otherwise, should always sit down on
your knees (Seiza).
 Seiza  Sit formally (kneel)
 Anza  Sit comfortably (cross-legged)

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