We say the Dokun, the “Creed”, during the meditation portion of training, to remind ourselves of the principles that Shorinji Kempo is based upon. It is an important aspect of training to memorise the Dokun, and to reflect on the meaning of the words as we say them.


Seiku (Meditation)

  1. Rely on yourself, and not on others. No one is as reliable as your own well disciplined self.
  2. By committing evil, you defile yourself. By avoiding evil, you attain purity.

Seigan (Oath)

  1. In acquiring this art, we pledge to honour our founder and not to betray our masters, to respect our elders and not to slight the young. As comrades, we pledge to help each other and cooperate for the accomplishment of these teachings.
  2. We pledge to leave our past aside, and to devote ourselves to mastering the art as plainly and naively as infants.
  3. We pledge never to perform our art for selfish reasons, but for the benefit of all mankind.

Shinjo (Creed)

  1. We are grateful that we are endowed with our souls from Dharma and our bodies from our parents. We determine to make every effort to return their blessings.
  2. We love our country and determine to better the welfare of our people.
  3. We love justice, respect humanity, observe courtesy, keep the peace and determine to be true and brave.
  4. We strive to master the art and discipline the body and soul. We love our comrades and help each other. We cooperate and endeavour to establish an ideal world.

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