By etiquette, we mean the rules we all follow to make training in the dojo more pleasant, safe and practical.


Before you enter the dojo

Please make every effort to be at Virgin Active at least ten minutes before training starts, so that you can change and we can all start together.

Make sure you have been to the toilets before training, and that you are not thirsty.

Remove any items of jewellery you might be wearing.

If you have hair longer than shoulder-length, tie it back neatly.

Make sure your dogi is clean and in good condition.

All nails should be kept fairly short. Wash your hands before training.

No food or drinks are allowed inside the dojo; please do not bring them in.

Learn how to tie your obi (belt) – if you do not know how, ask one of the instructors. They will be happy to show you how, and don’t worry if it takes a few repetitions to learn to tie it.


During training

On arrival, before you do anything else, please stop by the door, put down anything you are carrying and perform gassho rei towards the centre of the dojo, and do the same any time you leave or re-enter the room for any reason.

Place your shoes neatly against the wall.

When Sensei or one of the assistant instructors tells you to do or not do something, there is always a very good reason, and we expect you to react quickly and basically to do as you are told. With large class sizes, it is important to have some order, or we won’t be able to teach you the interesting stuff.

When not doing anything specific, or listening to instructions, always stand in kesshu gamae (feet together, hands clasped neatly in front of you).


After training

Make sure you perform gassho rei before leaving the dojo.

Quickly gather up your shoes and leave the dojo promptly – there is usually another class immediately after ours.

When you are given a piece of paper for your parents to sign, or are asked to bring back forms or grading fees, tell your parents about it immediately before you forget – this will make insurance renewals and grading much simpler.

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