Aims & Objectives

Shorinji Kempo was developed by its founder as a form of education, rather than just a martial combat style. Training in this style is intended to cultivate an individual’s potential: to help them develop a balanced character, and to improve the fitness of both mind and body. Its intentions are to instil students with the confidence to stand up for their ideals, and the ability to defend their position. In this way they can help other people and thereby benefit society as a whole.

The essence of Shorinji Kempo practice is the development of a healthy mind, healthy body and training in self defence.

Shorinji Kempo places no emphasis on winning or losing. Instead, it concentrates on mutual respect and understanding between training companions, so that all kenshi (practitioners) enjoy the benefits of training and progress on the basis of mutual development. In this respect it is totally unlike sports or other martial arts.

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