Welcome back!

Posted by on 2011/10/04

Hello everyone, I’d like to welcome all our kenshi back (a little belatedly) for a new year of training at Angel Dojo. We hope you’ve all had a good holiday.

We’ve had a lot of newcomers to our class lately, which is excellent. Please try to make new kenshi feel welcome, and train with as many different people as possible during class. It’s often easier to learn the techniques when a beginner is paired with a more experienced kenshi – the more experienced kenshi can learn just as much from teaching as the beginner can from being taught.

Sensei Rob is currently in Cyprus on a kempo training week, as is Jonathan. The class this Saturday (8th October) will go ahead as normal – I will be teaching the class with the assistance of a brown belt from City Dojo, Naomi Oates, who some of you may already know. Please be patient with us this week, as there are quite a few of you, and only two of us – we will do our best to make sure that the class runs smoothly and is just as fun as usual.

See you all on Saturday!


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